As I have gotten old (er), I am finding that more ideas and characters and storylines are coming to me rather than less. I am thankful for that. For a novelist such as myself who can create two, three, sometimes four solid novels a year, the question whether to continue to self-publish or go through the ordeal (and it is an ordeal) of finding a good agent and turning one's eye to traditional publishing with a good publisher - and publishing one book every few years ... it is a difficult question to answer. And a difficult decision to make.  I am thinking I will seek representation for SOULS ON FIRE AND LONESOME DREAMS and GIRL LOVE AND OTHER WRONG PROTOCOLS. They are companion books as you will see below. Otherwise, self-publishing is probably my best option for the other works in progress. Most of them are well underway and stand on solid literary ground. AND, my passion for writing Appalachian characters and stories in earlier times continues. Perhaps someday I will write something about someone in present day. If I do, it will probably be set in the South—where I find so much magic and voice and raw and rugged and beautiful characters. And it is so effortless for me to create an extraordinary world for my characters to journey through.     

Here is the list of in-progress novels I have going right now. 


The Red Field (Book 1) (Main character: Ruby Johnson) Published June 2017

Still River (Book 2) (Main character: Aniah Galcinda Moray) Published December 2017  

Buckhannon (Book 3) (Main character: Anderson Sumner) Underway. Coming in 2018 

Soul of the Mountain (Book 4) (Main character: Carter Addison) UnderwayComing in 2019 

Angel of Silence (Book 5) (Main character: Gracie Moray) UnderwayComing in 2020

Long Way Home (Book 6) (Main character: Aniah Galcinda Moray) Planned. Coming in 2021

Appalachian Dusk (Book 7) (Main character: Ruby Johnson) Planned. Coming in 2022


Black Angels (Not sure when I will publish it ... Finished)

Souls on Fire and Lonesome Dreams (Coming in 2018 ... Finished)
Girl Love and Other Wrong Protocols Underway. (Coming in 2019)

Breathe a Scarlet Sky Underway. (Coming in 2020
Broken Waters Underway. (Coming in 2021)